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Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:35 pm

Re: Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life,

by lachsen » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:32 pm

I seriously never expected to find thread like this in this forum.

Still not sure if I should close this or not. :?:

Not sure I fully understand this whole argument about who is your father or not.
It is somewhat true that we may just accept a person to be our father because we're told and that's about it. It might as well be wrong (unless you take DNA into account etc.)
The thing is, we truly accept a person as a father because that person was part of our life for a long time. That person helped to raise you, supported you etc. That's why you'd accept a person like that as a father even if such a person would biologically not be your father. Sure there are some cases where some people don't have a good relationship to their father. If you never knew your father and then he suddenly comes around several years later: you will not have the same relationship to him as you'd have to a father that actually raised you. You may accept him but you might as well not accept him - because he wasn't there for you before.

I think that's where the Analogy to Krishna or any other god really fails. The only reason we believe in them is because authorities tell us to do so - or simply to fit into a community of believers. We don't do it because that "god" in person actually really did anything for us - in a way that can be tracked and proven. That's why in our modern society where science is around trying to explain things more rationally, some people decide to not believe in this kind of stuff. It's like not accepting a father that, in fact, never have been around for you.

In fact, I think that's a very nice analogy indeed. Believing in a god is like believing in a father figure you've never met and never actually/physically was there for you - mostly because a lot of people around you tell you he's actually there for you.

I won't blame people to believe in this if it helps them, but I can see why some people choose to not do it.

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