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Feedback - Economy

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Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:20 pm

Feedback - Economy

by christoff » Sat Nov 10, 2018 11:03 pm

Hi crosscode devs,

Thanks for making this awesome game. It craps all over most other current meaningless games...and it is a pixel game!! It is up there in my top ten games of all time. And I haven't even finished it. I'll probably write a love letter after finishing it.

Anyway just some feedback on the game economy. Some of the most rewarding and fun parts of a game for me are, seeing an awesome piece of equipment for offer, acquiring the materials / money to buy it, and buying it. But for some equipment in this game, I have found it a little frustrating for two reasons. ***spoiler alert below****

1) The time it takes you to grind for those extra resources to buy it, you could find a superior piece of equipment in a chest and/or in the elemental quests areas. And once you are levelled up and onto the next stage, of course such equipment is totally obsolete. Not to mention you can also buy solid items from the town item vendor rather than trader. I wonder if it is possible to include a way that items from a previous don't have to obsolete so quickly? Perhaps with slots. These slots you could thenn insert acquired resources from the next few stages (e.g take rocksplitter, add three slots, and then you can insert say 10 wolf cicada (or the equivalent of traded wolf cicada to make a "azure gem"), to give rocksplitter additional bonus of your choice - defense / attack / focus / even elemental damage.

You could also add additional unique traits and modifiers to traded items.

2) Game economy itself. Firstly the gold. I would like to see more difficulty with purchashing items and making trades. I like the fact that trading costs money. I was initially challenged by this in early levels. I didn't have enough gold to do everything I wanated, and I liked it. I now have over 50 000 Gold. Perhaps you are required to pay gold to some greasy dealers to do certain missions? Or that you get less gold from missions / monsters? It would also encourage players to search for chests more as these often contain valuable items.

Secondly the resources. I don't mind grinding to get an item that is only 1 or 2% drop rate, and using straw hat and chained combat to get it (my third golden triangle wasn't in the chest to make core drill :(( ), but I do mind if I need 14 of that item in order to finally buy a Rootweave. Virus Root is just one example. (Yes I know you can get like 4 Virus root from a mission). I have just spent the last hour grinding the three infested areas on a combat rank of S and not got a single one.

I tried to think about a way you can make this aspect less harsh but also still a challenge for dedicated players. Perhaps one way, is to make another option for players to acquire Virus Root. It is similar to the awesome setup you have at rookie harbor in the trader exchange, where you can trade for thing like Wolf Cicada. So why not trade for Virus Root. But in a way that also makes you have to manage your common and uncommon resources.

E.g a One Virus Root - Requires 10 000Gold , 100 Glowing Sphere/ Venom Shroom, 3 refined metal

Otherwise at the end of each stage I am left with like, 100 autum leaves / parched leaves/ pike wood / blue mango. Imagine f you could find a way to do these two things, so that player has to constantly be aware of both his gold and tradeable inventory, and also have unique and varied items which can last throughout more of the game, I think this would elevate the game from awesome to perfect.

Thanks for your continued efforts at such an amazing game.

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Sat Sep 29, 2018 2:26 am

Re: Feedback - Economy

by ryuo » Sun Nov 11, 2018 5:17 am

There's an easier way to get items like Virus Roots that drop from omega botanics, as they have a 100% chance of dropping something. Find an area with them in a spot you can easily reach from a room entrance. Destroy all the omegas in the room. Return to the entrance you used and re-enter the room. Now return to the title screen and use continue. You will be back in the room you just entered with all the botanics and enemies respawned. Repeat this as necessary.

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