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Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:24 pm

The problems i found with Crosscode

by potatogod90 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:18 pm

As much as i wanted to love this game i met some serious obstacles and those i'm going to analyze here.

1)God do i hate grinding, but this game is infested with it. Way too tedious leveling up, and the game gives you no motive to do so. Nor does it care to make it more pallatable for you in any way.

Suggestions: Make a system where every time you fight an opponent, you use analyze on the situation and you get to find the enemy's weaknesses and you get a bonus/advantage against the specific kind of opponents. You can also have it that it improves your loot and scavenging as you encounter more of them. Maybe even causing them to level up or unlock special ascended forms and mini bosses.

Which leads us to the next point.

2)Levelling up. It takes way too long, if i wanted a normal MMORPG i'd go play WoW or something. You should be able to level from side jobs and activities that you like and not boring repetitive fights and boring repetitive quests. Having special guild quests or building up your community or exploring, fishing, gardening and working. find alternative ways to level up and make it faster, especially at the higher levels.

3)There is no crafting

4)Some objects are too expensive to buy and require too many animal leftovers from battles. Especially in the areas after the snowy village.

5)Difficulty and controls. It's not an extremely fun game. It's controls are cute but nothing groundbreaking. And they can get very tedious especially for untrained gamers like my sister. i got like 15 hours into the game, she quit from the start due to the full concentration and epileptic speed the controls require. Specifically i quited in the second Apollo battle. I literally cannot pass that ****. He approached faster than your character can dodge, and spamming spheres didnt do anything cause he avoids them all. Also he has a ridiculous spammy amount of continuous SP for special attacks. First two rounds pretty doable but couldn't get past that. Pitty, cause i was curious what would happen if i transformed into a "complete avatar"... . (if thats even included yet).

[if cheat codes are included i might bother with this battle again to see the continuation of the story].

6)Boss fights. Meh, a bit repetitive. And predictable, they begin easy, and after the middle they get a bit more tense. Also the bad with enemies and combat in general is there is no strategy. It's all grinding, evading spamming and shooting.

7)Story and lore. Interesting somewhat but what also a teen can write if you give him an afternoon or two on his balcony. Had some premises that were never explored to their full potential i think.

8)Supposedely depicts a futuristic MMORPG but fails to give this vibe. The clan system is non existent. You cannot interact with characters or challenge them in PVP in the street. You can't raid together. No special combined party attacks like Chrono Trigger and the whole "classes" thingy with the fany but meaningless names doesn't make you care about it. It's like it was forced there last minute to create a false sense of variation. There are no visible bugs/glitches in the crossworld, no hackers and antihacking police force countering them. No mentioned use of the avatars besides gaming etc. No immersion or reference to such a futuristic real world nor to the mmo supposed element.

9)The combat system. Recommendations:
a) Make the non charged small shots also automatic. Have a button that once you press it, shooting small spheres becomes automatic and is locked on this mode, and you don't have to break your mouse every time. You press the mouse once, it begins shooting until you press it again.
b) Chain attacks. they are needed, especially for higher level foes, as well as chain evading, to prolong your evasion capacity.
c) Being able to lock certain combos so that they aren't performed when you don't need them to.
d) Make combos more clear and not so easy to be confused and intercepted with one another.
e)When players switch to melee, make it so that it happens with the press of a button or a certain proximity zone close to the enemy (wider than the existing one). Cause its really tedious how you try to go in a very fast paced combat in melee but its still shooting spheres.
f) Have timed attacks that deal extra damage.

Anyway, gotta appreciate the Chrono Trigger and Zelda homages, but the game fails to deliver and stand on the shoulders of giants like that as their "spiritual successor"... .
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Mon Feb 08, 2016 2:24 pm

Re: The problems i found with Crosscode

by Bit » Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:19 pm

Just a disclaimer: I am just a normal player, and not a dev.

1&2. I agree that grinding is tedious and the xp curve might need to be smoothed out a bit, but there are already Dmg Boost weaknesses on enemies (That require analysis to find) which arguably allow you to collect more xp because you can kill more of them faster. Personally I don't find fights really repetitive, or at least not any less repetitive than say... the Legend of Zelda's combat. In fact, I find CrossCode's combat is a bit more engaging than the Legend of Zelda's due to the combat arts alone.
3. There technically is already crafting. I say technically because the crafting is disguised as "Trading", and due to it being disguised as "Trading" you can only craft said items when talking to the "Trader" NPCs. Cutting out the middle man might be a good idea, but I don't know how much that would change the game at this point really. It could cut off a lot of the world backtracking I suppose, but the Legend of Zelda (Which also doesn't have crafting) has backtracking as a general rule (Not that this means that CrossCode has to do everything like the Legend of Zelda, in fact, the devs would probably do well to make CC stand out more. It just seems you were comparing them).
4. Again, a bit less grinding might be good. Maybe CrossCode could have a "Difficulty" option. You could choose between "CrossCode Classic" (the game as it stands now) or "CrossCode Casual" with less demanding gameplay.
5. As for combat, I was always able to press past it. It requires intense concentration, fast thinking, and quick reaction speeds, all the things that make combat in games great. Again, it seems you're just looking for a difficulty option to make enemies slower and easier to kill. That's not a knock against you unless you want it to be, because if you literally cannot handle it, that's more or less bound by your genetics (Which is something out of your control) and not exactly something you can really make fun of.
6. As for boss fights, I agree. I think they have a bit too much health. I do get a good sense of accomplishment when I beat them, but I think lowering the HP a bit (About 5%-7%) wouldn't really take that a way.
7. The story hasn't been finished yet. I see some spots in the story that could really ramp up in the future, but I have to leave my reservations about it until the story is complete.
8. Your point about fighting NPCs does make for a good XP gaining idea. Maybe you could challenge the traveling NPCs themselves to fights to gain more XP than you normally would just grinding the enemies lying around. Perhaps make it a gamble where you lose gold if you lose the match, and gain XP and gold if you win. As for raiding I don't even know how that could even be a thing, unless you're talking about in dungeons. As for the "Visible Glitches or Hackers", I beg to differ. I'm pretty sure the Blue Guy is definitely a hacker of some sort, and the Moderators of the game, while not seen in the game itself, are definitely referred to in the story.
(a) If you use a controller like I sometimes do, you CAN make automatic spam shots (although they're widely inaccurate), though an option for keyboard and mouse players would probably be good.
(b) Not sure what a "Chain Attack" would do. Just 3 slashes in a row? If a deeper combat experience is what you're looking for, just open up your shield as soon as an enemy is about to hit you, and it'll usually be stunned (Opening it up to more attacks). That, or you'll block the damage entirely.
(c-d) Have no clue what you're talking about when referring to combos.
(e) I don't know what issue you're referring to. I haven't played the game in several months so that might be why, but I simply don't recall having that issue. Maybe I was using a different control scheme?
(f) Soooooooooo quick time events? You want to dodge the enemy just in time for a "Flurry Rush"?
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