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Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:53 am

New player - thoughts and feedback

by x1372 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:54 am

First, wanted to say thank you very much for making this game. I'm not quite through it yet, having just reached Ba'kii Kum. I have generally steered away from any early access titles, but if even a handful are as good as this one I may have to seriously reconsider that. This game ate most of my weekend and I was more than happy to let it have that. I figured that since the game is still in development, I'd give my list of issues here in the name of hopefully having the game be even better on official launch.

I've got a list of things, from major to minor, that might be adjusted or fixable, that I encountered in the 0.9.7 version on Steam.

Major issues:
1)Softlock: While doing the second goat quest, I was hopping left across the heart shaped platform to the left when the cutscene with the small goat that makes is possible to enter the cave triggered. However, somehow Lea ended up in a walking left animation walking into a tree, with no way to end the cutscene but to force close the game. I suspect this happened because I was jumping left across the gap when the cutscene occurred.

2)Game Freeze: I'm not sure 100% how this happened, but the game froze on me once on my first time heading through the desert. It happened while I was fighting a scorpion with Emelie still in the party, and I had just triggered the foot switch to turn the gate from red to blue allowing me to walk through it on the "Torn road" submap. I'm still not sure what triggered this one, game was frozen but the music still playing.

Fortunately, despite the severity of "needing to restart the game," thanks to quicksaves I lost maybe a combined 30 seconds of progress on those two.

Minor issues:
1) Could the doors that you can enter Bergen possibly be made a bit more clear? I think I spent half an hour hunting for D'Kar there after finding the broken shield and assuming I needed to continue his quest line, only to find him in a building I hadn't realized I could enter.

2) I found two locations so far where you can run into an object and make the camera shake. I'm not 100% sure what causes it, or if it's important enough to bother with, but anyway. The first one was just above the double-tree above the item you reach in Rookie Harbor by jumping across the vendor stalls. For some reason, holding up and left against the boxes behind the tree makes the screen shake. Similarly, at the East Entrance map of Maroon Valley, you can hold up and right into the bottom left two of the barrels just above the right side of the jump across the pit and trigger a similar camera shake.

Personal preference changes:
1) Given the "MMO" feel, it seems odd that the player does not have the ability to do any sort of emotes or actions. In particular, it seems very odd to see so many other players sitting but not have the ability to have Lea do the same on command. Similarly, it would be nice if there was some sort of cheer you could do on command when you have a few second's downtime - even something simple like re-using the jump animation from her level up would be neat. However, I haven't finished the game yet, perhaps there's a reason this isn't included... and it's not like you have a lot of controller buttons unmapped. If this is implemented, I would ask that whatever selects a emote not pause the game, as that would defeat the point of using it while waiting for something to happen.

2) I'm not sure if there's anything reasonable to be done about this, but there were two items reasonably early in the game that I ended up getting from a merchant, only to end up getting an exact copy of the item what felt like immediately after. The items in question were the Cooling Veil, which I found in the next item I discovered while exploring after buying it, and the Furry Cap, which I found in the dungeon right after purchasing one in town on my way into it. It hasn't happened since, but it did make me a little gun-shy about buying equipment after that point.

3) Is it possible that a Zelda-style compass could be added to dungeons, to identify what rooms have items left to be found? Possibly something that you get after beating the boss, to simply make backtracking easier? In the Bergen Mine I ended up doing 3 laps around the place hunting for the one last treasure I missed. Yeah it's on me for wanting to 100% it, and the thing was in plain sight once I paid enough attention in the right place, but that was a small frustration and I knew I couldn't stand looking at the 24/25 on my map.

Thanks again for the great game, looking forward to more of it soon.

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