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When changing areas

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Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:37 am

When changing areas

by tyuruyasann » Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:41 am

I am sorry that my English is not good because I am Japanese.
First , I admire you making a wonderful game.

Let's report on what seems to be a bug.

When changing areas, (For example, Go to “Frozen Shaft1” from “Frozen Shaft1” *Area: “Temple Mine” ) this game sometimes freezes.
And this game is forced to quit. I need to restart from auto save.

Although it is not very serious, concentration will be broken.

The following is a personal request.

When the main character is higher in level than the enemy, the experience value that can be acquired decreases steadily, eventually becoming 1.
If you are not good at action games like me, you need to defeat the enemy by raising the level. Due to the contents of this system, it is very difficult (or hardship ,suffering ? ).

It takes time and effort on the exchange system.
For example, when I want “Shady Monocle”,I need “Metal Needles” “Veggie Set” “Twilight Dew” and “Azure Dragnofly”. If I do not have these items, It is necessary to check again which items can be exchanged.
For example, I want “Metal Needles”, I need kill “Hedgehag”.“Veggie Set” ? , I need “Feather Leaf”and “Purple Ore Lump”.....Of course, I also need to check where you can get it.

For example,I want “Shady Monocle”. But I dont have “Veggie Set”. I have “Feather Leaf”and “Purple Ore Lump”.Originally it is necessary to go to the other exchange place.
If you have enough lower items, please allow me to exchange on higher level items on same place.

And if you set it to favorites like Quest, I would like you to see a exchange list on the right side of the screen.

Choosing a map from the menu synopsisi says that you can use the teleportation system, but you do not notice it when you open the map directly from the shortcut.
In my case, I did not even notice what was written.
I casually noticed the teleporting system.

Finally, German beer should be sold more in Japan!!

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