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QoL Requests

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Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:47 am

QoL Requests

by PhiNick » Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:23 am

Hello! I just started playing the game for the first time since the story started being added (I withheld originally because of the playable area being bigger than the story), and I have three Quality-of-Life Requests.

Menus Don't Save Sort Method
Level - Annoying to Mildly Frustrating

This got on my nerves quickly (as in, I was in rookie harbor and it began bugging me, so I made an account here to post about it). In the menus, there's the sort option for quests and items and the like. I like to have my quests, for example, sorted by level, so I can complete the low-level quests first (I do this in all RPGs when I have the option). I enter the menu, and the quests are sorted by date, which is fine as a default. I hit sort by level, and it works. Hooray! After finding the quest I want to do, I leave the menu, but then I realized I forgot to favorite the quest, so I go back to the menu, and it's sorted by date again! This happens in all the menus, not just quests, and it's bugging me, and it would probably bug others as well.

If you could make it so the menu is sorted the same way when I come back to it, that would be awesome!

"Sort By" Cursor Doesn't Highlight Currently Selected Sort Method When Sort Menu is Entered
(Title Gore, I Know)
Level - Mild

An interesting thing I noticed when I was testing the above mentioned bit with multiple menus is that when going between to-be-completed, completed, and all quests sub-menus, if I hit the sort button after sorting a different sub-menu, the cursor stays in the position it was in previously, instead of highlighting the current sort method my default.

Here is a YouTube video that shows both of the behaviors in action.

Custom Reorder in Menus
Level - It Would be Nice

Lastly, I would like for there to be a way to reorder items and quests in menus, so you may sort them in a way that makes sense to the player. It would be nice, but it's not an annoyance like the other two.

If I have any more QoL requests, I'll put them in this thread.

Thanks for listening! I love the game! Keep it up!

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