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Tue Oct 11, 2016 1:55 am

The Case of the Disappearing Mouse Cursor

by Kumba » Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:12 am

Hi, new player here. This issue may or may not be known already, as I haven't done a deep-dive search, but, per this old forum post:

lachsen wrote:We want to work on the mouse cursor anyway, so I'll try to add something to make it disappear (when the player uses the gamepad).

It appears this feature was implemented, however, it seems slightly bugged. I have a gamepad plugged in virtually all of the time, and dual-use it with my keyboard/mouse on other games (notably Stardew Valley). It seems this "hiding" mechanism triggers outside of the playable portion of the game, such as in the pause menu and even on the main menu. You can move the mouse and see that there is an active hover going on, but the cursor remains initially hidden or invisible until the first activation of the active object. The fix here seems to be to make the mouse cursor always visible when inside paused game menus and the like.

In gameplay, however, this presents a related issue. When I go to use the mouse cursor to do the VRP aiming thing (because the right joystick isn't as fine-grained for some things, and I was never good at using dual-joysticks anyways), the cursor is again invisible, but upon first activation, it becomes visible again, letting me use it for better aiming (though my first shot is usually off-target as a result). And the instant I move the character with the gamepad, the cursor vanishes again. To fix this, yet keep the original behavior around, I'd suggest adding a "Hide Cursor" option in the game's settings when there is a detected joystick/gamepad, for those of us that don't mind the cursor.

That, or make the mouse cursor become visible again upon detected mouse movement, such as one finds when running Youtube in fullscreen or such. Stardew Valley seems to take this approach, fading the mouse cursor out after a few seconds of inactivity when you switch to gamepad control.

PS, What's with the naming of indie dev studios these days with adjectives+animals? RadicalFish, ConcernedApe, ChuckleFish? Seems to be a trend of sorts.

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