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Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:35 pm

Collecting French words for Emilie!

by lachsen » Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:22 am

Hey there!

I'm currently writing some dialogs for Emilie and whenever I do this I'm kinda stuck as I have think or rather look for good/appropriate French words that can be included.

So I thought I'd make this small thread to collect some Ideas and suggestions!

It's not just about any kind of French words. The best words are those that you can essentially add as "decoration" to the text, so the meaning of them is sorta clear from the context. In English it would be things like "Damn!", "Well...", "Right?", "Phew..", "No way!".

I think the way I do it is that I'll just write some english expressions here and anybody (ideally with some background in French) can provide some proper translations. :D ... I just don't want to rely too much on google translate here.

List of Expressions:

||English => French

Proper Cursing
||Damn it! => Borde / Merde (familiar) / Putain / Saloperie _____

Slight cursing, when something annoying happens. Like somebody you don't particularly like shows up
||Oh dear / Oh no. => Oh non / mince / Pas ça...(not this) / Oh Seigneur... / Oh ! c'est pas vrai _____

Expression when you are genuinely surprised/shocked
||No way! => (C'est) pas possible! / Sérieux? / Impossible! / Tu rigoles _____

Agreement with somebody (in a more neutral way)
||Alright. => D'accord / Bien sûr / OK / Ça marche / Très bien ______

Enthusiastic agreement
|| Alright!! / Hell yeah! => Ouais!! / Carrément! / Excellent / Parfait! /Super! / Génial! ________

Motivational expression to start/go on/continue
||Let's go! / Come on! => Allez! / Allons-y / C'est parti! / On y va! _______

(This list will probably expanded over time as I write more dialogs)

Also don't worry: I don't want to make Emilie's Dialogs full with french words to make it beyond recognition for non-French players. I just think having more words/variety to your disposal will result in better dialogs!

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:29 am

Re: Collecting French words for Emilie!

by Vesperia » Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:39 am

Hi, I'm french so there's my suggestion, I'll do my best to keep the english sense!

"Damn it!" => "Bordel !", "Merde !"

"Oh dear... Oh no" => "Oh non...", "Pas ça..." ("Pas ça..." means "not this...")

"No way!" => "Pas moyen !" but we'll use rhetorical questions like "Sérieux ?", "Sérieusement ?"

Alright. => "D'accord."

"Alright!! Hell yeah!" => "Super ! Trop cool !" "Ouais, trop génial !" (you can use "trop cool" or "trop génial" like you want, it's like "awesome"). The exact translation is "Oh que oui !" but it's not really used anymore.

Let's go! Come on! => "Allez ! On y va !" (means "let's go, here we go!"), "On y va ! Venez !" (in the sense "let's go, come on"), "C'est parti ! Avec moi !" (in the sense "let's go, with me!")

If you have any question, don't hesitate :p
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Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:30 am

Re: Collecting French words for Emilie!

by Paf » Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:41 am

Hello, french dude here!
"Merde" is more like "Sh%t" but "Damn it!" don't have a proper translation so a proper cursing would be "Putain!" (||F%ck).
The slight cursing could be "Oh mince...Oh non".
The surprising expression could be "Impossible!" (||Impossible) or "C'est pas possible" (||It's impossible).
The agreement you got is right as "Alright" could be translated by "D'accord", "OK" or "Bien sûr" (||Of course).
The enthusiastic agreement could be "Ouais" (||Yeah), also, some french people use "Yes" when they are happy about an announcement.
The motivational expression "Allons-y!" (||Let's go!) or "C'est parti!" (||Let's go) and "Allez" is also correct.
I hope my knowledge of french will help you and thank you for your amazing game :) .
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Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:28 am

Re: Collecting French words for Emilie!

by Acid » Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:48 am


French is my mother tongue, i'll do my best to help in the most accurate way :)

||Damn it! => Merde / Putain / Saloperie!

||Oh dear... Oh no. => Oh Seigneur... Oh non...
(Translates to "Oh lord... Oh no..." I dont think there is an exact translation to "Oh dear", not that i can think of anyways)

||No way! => C'est pas vrai! / (C'est) Pas possible!

||Alright. => D'accord / ça marche / Compris

|| Alright!! Hell yeah! => Allez! Putain oui! (I'm not 100% sure about this one, since "Hell" is not as rude as "Putain", equivalent to "Fuck")

Let's go! Come on! => On y va! Allez! / C'est parti!

Hope it helps, cheers!
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Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:35 pm

Re: Collecting French words for Emilie!

by lachsen » Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:00 pm


Man, so many replies already! Thank you so much! :D

I think it's better to look for expressions that actually make sense in French and are used that way. It's not about the literal translation but more something equivalent in meaning.

In the end I'll probably chose those expressions that kinda seem "intuitive" enough so that people will get the meaning.
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Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:04 pm

Re: Collecting French words for Emilie!

by Ankh » Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:16 pm

A bit more suggestions for you to choose :)

Proper cursing :

There it depends on which public you target. "Merde" is really familiar. If you want something more neutral for "Damn it" you can use "Zut !" or "Bordel !" it doesn't have the same impact as merde but it's safer for all public

Slight cursing :

I would suggest "Oh non !" or it's variation : "Oh nan !" (more oral expression) or "Oh ! c'est pas vrai"

Surprise :

"Pas possible" or "Tu rigoles ?" (are you kidding me ?)

Agreement :

"okay" "Très bien"

Enthusiastic agreement :

"Excellent !" "Parfait !" "Super !" "Génial !"

Motivational :

"Allez !" is a good one or "Vas-y !" (more to cheer someone, for example for sport)
"Allons-y !" (to motivate a group)
"C'est parti !" (to start a movement, an event, etc)

Thanks for the great work so far !
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Fri May 29, 2015 5:36 pm

Re: Collecting French words for Emilie!

by elianis88 » Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:56 pm


I'm french, so I can help you a lot for this great game! (I've already help a little for a translation on an other subject).

Most of the expressions are good, but in the game, i saw a "Allé!", but that's not right, it's french, it's "Allez!".

Are you working on a possible translation to french? It would be amazing!
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Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:42 am



Re: Collecting French words for Emilie!

by yumil » Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:48 am

waow, didn't know we were so many to speak french down here.
Well, my turn, so.
Proper Cursing

"'Fais chier",borderline familiar, "Ta mère", quite the equivalent of "son of a...", quite familiar too. "Va te faire foutre" is the equivalent of "go fuck yourself", maybe a bit safer as many people don't use frequently the word "foutre" for what it actually means, but stille hugely familiar. Among not already said things, "Saleté" or "nom de Dieu" , to be safer.
Slight cursing :

"Oh bon sang !" (If I had to find an equivalent, I would say bloody hell is the closer, not 100% sure though)
"Oh pitié..." (strongly depends of the punctuation, the context and the tone used to say it. Must be said like you're more bored than angered by the source of the cursing

"Dites-moi que je rêve. .." "Non mais ça doit être une blague..." ( same here, these two can also qualifies for surprise, depending of how it's said, again.)
Surprise :

for medium surprise, here's the basics : "Hein ? / Quoi ?" for "What", using exagerated forlms like "heiiiiiiiin ?" Or "quoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ?" can work for a strong surprise.

Agreement with somebody (in a more neutral way)

"pas de problèmes. " "ça marche/ ça roule !" (work in situations where you must express you understood what you've been said, like instructions to do something.
"j'en suis !" (count me in)
Enthusiastic agreement

"mais carrément !" "Excellente idée" ('kay this one's quite transparent :D )
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Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:36 am

Re: Collecting French words for Emilie!

by Mastermune » Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:47 am

The expressions you chose tends to be fine, although not always in every contexts. The only ones I find unatural are in the "Expressions of genuinely surprised/shocked:"

“C’est pas possible” is rarely if never heard by itself to express surprise. At least I never heard it and I lived in several regions. However I often heard:
C’est pas possible de voir ça! / C’est pas possible d’entendre ça !
It’s something like « I cant believe I lived to see/hear something like that ».
But only in contexts where what you see/hear is so stupid that you doubt your senses. (A fire started because your friend tried to cook his pasta without adding water.)

As for "impossible" it is rarely used and only in situations where something quite ordinary goes beyond your wildest dreams. (If you see a guy jumping 20m for example, you can allow yourself a stunned "C'est impossible...")

If you want to be safe you should rather use:
Incroyable! /J'arrive pas à y croire (Unbelievable/I cant believe it)
C’est une blague? (Is that a joke?)
Vous vous foutez de moi? (Are you shitting me ?)
Ah, ouais, quand même… (Oh OK… so we were talking about THAT much) (Imagine you were hired to hunt a beast. You underestimated the task and when you happen to find it it’s a towering dragon 50m long, that kind of situation.)
Sérieux? / Vous êtes sérieux? (Are you serious?)

As for the proper swearing it depends a lot on whether or not you actually want to lash it out on someone or not:
Solo irritated swearing: basically without context or any target for the swearing. Something to express a sudden burst of bad mood or to punctuate a situation that annoys you but you cant do anything about.
(Stepped into crap, sudden rain without shelter, noticed you forgot your wallet after waiting 20 min in the queue? These are for you)
C’est pas vrai (cant be true)
Merde (shit/crap)
Fait chier
Note that usually, we will even use an easy sigh before swearing, it tends to be more natural to swear after showing how irritated you are:
Ah c’est pas vrai…/ Ah merde! / Ah bordel / Ah fait chier.
As for the level of language only the first is acceptable in contexts where you need to keep a proper image. The rest is familiar at best but quite well accepted, maybe an old fashioned granny will be shocked but technically anyone use them at least once in a while.
What would push it a bit would be to combine them in one breath, like this:
Putain de bordel de merde, ça fait chier!
That would be basically throwing a tantrum to vent all the pent up anger you accumulated. (stepped into crap, then hit your head on a low beam, then getting your purse snatched? Well in that case you can afford to spout something like that while glaring menacingly at anyone coming close)

If the situation repeat itself or take too much time to get resolved (you’re trapped in the elevator or the cashier actually left to smoke the moment it is your turn):
J’en ai marre! / Ca me gonfle! / Ca me saoule!
All 3 mean more or less, “I have enough” or “this is getting on my nerves” without being particularly foul mouthed. If you want to be, combine some other words. Example:
Putain j’en ai marre! / Bordel, ça me saoule! / Mais merde c’est chiant!

Irritated swearing at someone: pretty much the same situation as above BUT you can point out someone who is responsible (or not but you make him to be) and decide to relieve some stress but you don’t want to be especially aggressive towards him or antagonise him.
(Your companion tells you that he forgot to take the quest item after 1 hour of dungeon crawling? You are late for work and you actually find out that there ARE 10 people before you at the queue? Your 5 children came back covered in mud and you noticed they played with the white sheets you cleaned this morning?)
(Note that these expressions only work if you actually address the people in front of you)
(1 target / several)
Tu te payes ma tête ? / Vous vous payez ma tête ? (Are you shitting me ?)
Tu te fous de ma gueule ? / Vous vous foutez de ma gueule ? (same thing but more familiar)
Tu fais chier/Vous faites chier (you’re a damn pain in the ass)
The swearing mentioned in “solo swearing” above can also work in such situations (or these for the solo swearing if you actually decide to take it out on God or fate or whatever).

Imagine that the situation above repeats itself quite a few times and the guy/guys responsible starts to really really get on your nerves.
Tu me casse vraiment les couilles! / Vous me cassez vraiment les couilles ! (Litteraly « you are really breaking my balls ! » but strangely enough this expression tends to be used by both men and women.)

Now, imagine someone bumped into you or was rude to you and left without apologizing. You decided to curse him but without him hearing (if you curse several people add an “s” to both words).
Quel con! (What a jerk) (Quelle conne, for female target)
Quel connard! (Same thing) (Quelle connasse, female)
Quel enfoiré! (more adapted in situations where the guy actually ripped you off or played you for a fool than simply being rude, something like “what an asshole”) (Quelle enfoirée, female)

If you decided to antagonize him and say it to his face to start a match of rudeness and break every rule of civility (but I doubt Emilie will actually need to go this far):
Sale enflure!
Enculé! (Screw you!)
Gros baltringue! (close to “Damn retard!”)
(With these you have a chance that the guy simply swallow the insult and leave)

Fils de… pute/chien ! (Son of a… whore/bitch)
La con de ta… race/mère !
These tend to assure you a proper and immediate response either vocal or physical.

But honestly it is difficult not to have an awkward swearing if you’re not a native speaker, we tend to have quite a colourful array.

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