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Sat Mar 04, 2017 8:55 pm

"Unpaused Main Menu" by "Contact Skip"

by Viktor » Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:22 am

Short introduction of a newly discovered Feature:

When I was playing, I pressed skip while contacting someone of my party but I wasn't able to skip the conversation, instead I had to listen to the whole conversation before I became able to close the Skip-Scene-Window. I closed it and suddenly background sounds appeared and I could move freely around the map and do thing while being on the Main Menu.

How to reproduce:
Contact or Invite anyone of your Party and quickly press the 'Skip Scenes'-Button ('g') twice right when the conversation is opening or closing. You won't be able to press 'Yes' or 'No' on the "Do you want to skip this scene?"-Window as long as the conversation goes on. As soon as the conversation is over, press either on 'Yes' or on 'No' to trick the Main Menu. It will unpause the game and you'll become able to move around the map while still having the Main Menu open.

What to use it for:
- Cheat the 2nd PvP against Apollo by inviting your friends into the PvP ( :twisted: ); you can only cheat the 2nd PvP because on other PvPs you won't have any available contacts or friends
- TAS-Speedruns (Skip scenes if possible; TP whenever you want to; change your Circuits during Fight)
- (Insert other ideas here)

- You need to have any contacts with a conversation in your Party to use this feature
- The Main Menu will be closed as soon as you exit the map via TP or walking right into the exit.
- You still won't be able to move or do anything during events
- You won't have any vision as long as the Main Menu is open
- You can't invite Friends in instanced areas
- You'll need to select 'Party', 'Save' or 'Map' before starting your event, otherwise you won't be able to select it during the event
- Using TP while being in a fight might bug your game as long as the fight goes on: You won't be able to: use the map, open chests, talk with NPCs, open the Main Menu or to do several other things; but the fight might hold on forever because most fights don't allow escaping or to enter it once again

But please don't remove this feature, it not that useful in game (except for the 2nd PvP versus Polly the Grasshead and probably for Speedrunners) and I like it to see how you can enjoy the day against Apollo with your Baguette- and Ice Cream-Eating-Friends. That's also why I posted it in "General" instead of "Bugs and Feedback".

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