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Feedback on Faj'ro Temple

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Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:10 pm

Feedback on Faj'ro Temple

by gerbilattack » Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:59 pm

Query; is there a recommended guidelines thread somewhere? (post liked pictures, do not post linked pictures; ect?)

If you want the short of it; Puzzles are neat, why the hell would you design enemies like that and put them in a movement restricted environment, do you enjoy our suffering?

The puzzles are rather clever, with the combining of the level swapping torches, and the use of both the heat element and cold element to interact with the water. I think that this is one of the best designs (for the puzzling) i have ever seen for a desert temple!

The enemies;

Things to keep in mind:
Well... do you remember the bomb beetles? They were pretty clever. Do you remember the abomination that is Blasting Shells? Well... there is a reason that i bring those up in relation to Faj'ro Temple even though i have not found any Chiller Tortoises there. The Chiller Tortoise has an unusual gimmick where you need to do a specific thing to set it in a damageable state, as well as break; after which it fights several times as hard (attack spam); when coupled with an additional challenge (bad lighting) this can become a serious issue. None of these are a reason to call Blasting Shells, or the Chiller Tortoise an abomination; it is the fact they have a massive aoe, homing, long ranged attack, that bounces, and can hit multiple times! This turns what should be a challenging, interesting side-quest into a thing of nightmares; did i beat it? yes. Would the game be definitively improved by removing it? also yes. before we get back to Faj'ro Temple (on which this thread is named) i need to bring up one more thing, as both are highly relevant. The mortars in Shady Theft were a bit... broken, really, but while it was very hard, and a bit luck based, the fact that it does a very good job of reflecting the kind of ambush someone with ample preparation and resources can do, it was excellent! Accurate aoe explosives and restrictive terrain; no way you are not going to get hit, a whole lot, but in the end it makes you feel like you did just get stuck in a deathtrap and it is almost by luck you survived. These mortars are fairly small.

Tim: As a solo encounter in an open area the Tim makes for a great area hazard; "don't piss off the bloodworm in the desert or you will have a hell of a fight on your hands" miniboss kind of stuff. Is it a fun fight? Not so much, it is a novel encounter? Yes. The problem is that it's attacks are, well... hard to dodge. Not because of a short que, but because they hit a massive enough area that of your timing is off, they can be literally undodgeable, especially when on fire. Now these attacks are hard enough to avoid in an open area due to how the mortars keep tracking until slightly before they land, coupled with an occasional areal delay, the massive (in both volume and damage) aoe is just going to hit you several times, and being a "from above" attack, ignores the directional shield if it clips your character model. That can be a bit of a pain, and is to be honest, bad design; can you have an opponent you must burst down, as you cannot avoid them forever? yes! But, if their damage is absurdly high, you may find players effectively unable to cope with the threat. When they can juggle you, this can be a death sentence. In this dungeon, you have a room with a pair of them; were that all, it would be an ugly fight, but i can gear around that well enough; no, the problem is that in the fighting chambers someone placed a bunch of quicksand patches, making it so that if you end up in a bad spot (of which there are many) at any point either Tim can juggle you to death. This is bad. The mortars not having an incoming indicator does make it feel as if you are dodging death constantly, and may give an impression of what it is like in a foxhole during bombardment; this is great, please keep that. Please make the mortars stop homing midflight like that though; it just freaking terrible. it makes dodging or avoiding them impossible sometimes, and getting juggled to death over one mistake is no fun.

Trijelly: The Trijelly suffers from much like the Chiller Tortoise a truly massive multi-hitting, unreasonable to dodge attack, this being 'its melee attack. That hitbox especially when coupled with the sand is ridiculous; all this needs to change from being unreasonable BS, is either a removal of quicksand from all the fighting locations, and a small (5-10%) attack area reduction, or a substantial (30%+) reduction to the attack's hitbox, and less homing capability. As a ranged fight, it is actually pretty neat, allowing you to box it in, if you focus it, and punishing you greatly if you ignore it. That melee attack is just dumb though. Large area on a massive distance charge that tracks, on a flier. So bad.

I do hope you find this of use; what do you all think; accurate, inaccurate? Is there a better way that what i suggested?

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