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Thu Nov 10, 2016 2:36 pm

An advice for CrossCode.

by NoLith97 » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:06 pm

Yo everybody, i want to write this "feedback" for your advices for implement the Multiplayer in this game, for 3 reasons.

1) the history of game recounts by Lea and his adventure in 1 server multiplayer, and i think there is a nice connexion.

2) "Friends". Who want plays with the best friend and play time in a dungeon for those who complete first? Affixed to challenge this "Emilienator" that practically is a timed challenge lost like that history has already been preset. :?:

3) ya don't know, but i I feel empty inside when I play this game and I think that every event between threads, dungeons, and other can not "write" in chat because I would be sick lol, and it's what makes me feel bad for several reasons. The main precisely because every time we play I always say that something is missing and that this thing would be if implemented would have grossed more than 10%+ on the market in the first month of the update. For the simple fact that playing coop or multi has always been the coolest thing in the world of VideoGames. Precisely as he tells the story in the first part when Lea comes from the ship's door and sees Rhombus Square I think he must have thought, "There will be lots of players!" (Or at least, and what I thought the first time I had I seen such a thing in a real server :A ).

Tell me yours in a comment (possibly a constructive phrase) :) . And I hope that developers will appreciate this with enthusiasm! Of course I wish him a prosperous continuing and I hope with all my heart that this game will finish in the top or the first on steam because it deserves much!


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